June 3, 2021

Monthly Roundup – February 2021

February 26, 2021, Yeah… just like that, it’s the end of February. Time is going far too quick for our liking! But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered so that you can stay on top of what’s been happening! This monthly roundup is for those of you who missed out on the funny marketing trends or the big marketing news in February!

Weetabix and…Baked Beans???

If you did see this horrific image earlier this month, we’re sorry we have to show you again. If you’ve only just seen this today, again, we’re sorry.

(Image courtesy of @Weetabix Twitter)

Yeah, we still can’t get our head around it, honestly.

Weetabix played a smart move here despite leaving many people scarred. Their controversial tweet got them almost 250k interactions! The greatest thing from this tweet was the reaction from big brands around the world, which was nothing short of SENSATIONAL!

If you did miss out, we thoroughly recommend you amuse yourself further and click here to view the original tweet and see the replies!

Our personal favourite was the reply from Domino’s Pizza!

We certainly hope people don’t go out there and start trying this ‘dish’, but Weetabix certainly got their brand in everyone’s mouth. A fine example of how brands should be using social media!

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Super Bowl 55 – The Weeknd

Super Bowl 55! Tom Brady won his 7th title as he guided the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to a 31-9 victory against the Kansas City Chiefs. The star of this year’s halftime show was the Canadian singer, Abel Tesfaye, better known as The Weeknd.

Little did he know that his performance was being clipped up and he was about to become the funniest meme of 2021 so far.

Surprisingly, The Weeknd spent $7m of his own money to make sure his unique performance was exactly how he wanted it to be. According to the Billboard, he’ll easily make that money back during his upcoming tours.

The Weeknd relies heavily on social media, streaming platforms and live events to market his music. Super Bowl 55 was another fine example of how The Weeknd has used social media to drive himself more recognition and how he differs from other artists.

Coca-Cola wants to return marketing spend back to pre-covid levels

Coca-Cola stated that they are planning to bring their marketing investments back to the levels pre-COVID to boost growth. This is BIG news because if more brands like Coca-Cola start to believe that normality is around the corner, then we are certainly going to be able to enjoy the rest of 2021.

Coca-Cola slashed its portfolio of 400 to 200 in October 2020. The brand believes that this will provide long-term benefits which will allow them to “identify the greatest opportunities” and “allocate investments accordingly”.

However, they will keep a keen eye on how vaccination programmes are being handled and how lockdowns are being eased around the world, as this will have a direct impact on their marketing investments.

So, does this give us some hope for the rest of 2021 and can we expect to see more brands to return to normality? Only time will tell!

Rise in demand for marketers

The demand for those with digital marketing skills is on the rise! And we mean a STEEP rise!

The COVID-19 pandemic forced businesses to divert their focus towards enhancing their online platforms. LinkedIn claimed that the demand for digital marketing roles increased by 52%.

It is no surprise that businesses are looking for more leadership and direction with many organisations employing senior or experienced marketers.  

We wonder what this rise in competition will do to the marketing industry as a whole and how the next generation of marketers will be affected. It is likely that this will mean that there are less opportunities for young marketers to get into the industry.

We certainly hope that they get the right training and support!

Shop Pay is now available on Facebook and Instagram

For those of us who use Facebook and Instagram as a means to advertise products and services, we are glad to tell you that Shop Pay is now active on both social media platforms!

Prior to their announcement, Shop Pay was only available on Shopify e-commerce stores that signed up to use its tool.

If you are not aware of what Shop Pay offers, let’s just say it’s very similar to PayPal. The idea is to make online transactions smoother and quicker!

We certainly hope that this will encourage more customers to make purchases through social media as it’s almost 2x faster than a regular checkout on mobile!

That’s our monthly roundup on the key trends and major news in the marketing industry in February! Keep an eye out at the end of every month for more monthly roundups from Jetpack Marketing!