January 6, 2022

Monthly Roundup - July 2021

We’re back with another monthly roundup! July has been filled with countless stories, most notably (and we’re sorry to bring this up again...) England’s loss in the Euro 2020 final. From the build-up to “Freedom Day” to successful marketing schemes, July has brought a sense of normality and positivity to the nation. Also, for you football fans, we’ve got some important news surrounding how football is being marketed and the changes that are taking place, so stick with us! Let’s get into it!

Consumer Are Willing To Spend Again

For businesses around the UK, this is perhaps the most important news they’ve read all month. Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, we are finally getting closer to pre-pandemic levels of consumer spending as consumer confidence continues to rise.  

July’s overall index was scored at -7, which may not sound great, but know that at one point we sat at -30 for a short period of time. All this means is that consumers are more willing to spend their money.

After Freedom Day on July 19th where the majority of lockdown restrictions were lifted in the UK, this is very encouraging for businesses as they are no longer restricted and consumers can spend time together with their family and friends, go shopping together and engage in fun activities etc.

We’re definitely glad to see that the economy is slowly improving, as consumers are more confident in their financial situations and are more likely to spend their money! 

This makes our job just that tad bit easier!

How Brands Responded To England’s Heartbreaking Loss At Euro 2020

England’s national football team reached their first final since that memorable win in 1966. 

A final played at Wembley, in front of English fans, football was coming home. 

The Italians didn’t believe this though. Italy beat England on penalties after extra-time and broke the hearts of English fans around the country. 

History was made and brands did their best to stay on brand and change their message to support England in this final. 

These were some of our favourites.

We didn’t want to remind everyone but we had to! 

We’re really looking forward to seeing how the team plays in Qatar for next year’s World Cup and hopefully, football comes home!

Doors Open For Gen Z Marketers

The School of Marketing set up a scheme “Mentoring Gen Z” earlier this year to support 16-28 year olds in their hopes of kickstarting a career in marketing. 

So far, around 500 young people have signed up to the scheme and approximately 50 new people sign up every week! 

Since the launch of the program, there were 12 mentors and now the scheme has brought on board 46 new Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) and marketing leaders who pledged to spend a day a year to help advance the skills of these individuals. 

The scheme has ambitious plans with the expectations set to have around 5,000 mentees in the next 12 months, opening the door for them in the marketing world.

Sport Is Going Digital

Sport and technology go hand-in-hand. Companies are always looking to find new ways to get the fans closer to the sport and getting them more involved. 

We’re slowly shifting towards a more pay-per-view and digital-first subscription trend. But how does this appeal to fans more than the traditional ways of watching sports?

Digital platforms like Amazon Prime, DAZN and even BT Sport are able to offer customers things that normal TV subscribers are often unable to get. 

Through models like Augmented Reality (AR) which make you feel as if you’re sitting in the stadium to be able to turn commentary off football matches, digital platforms are giving more personalisation to the customer. 

Platforms must understand that times are now moving faster than ever and they must adapt to give the customers what they truly want.

Shoppers Prefer Eco-friendly Brands

In this day and age, being “green” is more important than ever.

Over 52% of consumers are now making purchasing decisions based on the brand's views on the environment and what they are doing to be more responsible.

One in five shoppers say that they choose eco-friendly products over less sustainable ones, with 48% of shoppers saying they do this ‘sometimes’. 

Finally, almost one-third of consumers say that they completely stop buying food and drink products over issues surrounding sustainability. 

With data like this coming through, businesses should continue looking towards what customers rank higher when it comes to purchasing decisions. 

That’s the end of July’s Monthly Roundup! Keep an eye out at the end of every month for more monthly roundups from Jetpack Marketing!