August 31, 2020

Three Ways Brands Are Killing It On Twitter

May 10, 2021, With over 353 million active users, Twitter has become the place to be for many popular brands. The incorporation of Twitter into marketing strategies has led to many of these major brands building long-lasting relationships, generating leads and increasing brand awareness. We are going to be exploring how many of your favourite brands are using Twitter and how you could use these same strategies to build your brand on Twitter.

Let’s start with Apple. As you might already know, the tech company has solidified its reputation as a marketing genius, so it comes as no surprise that they are dominating Twitter.

Apple has been on Twitter since 2011 but there are no tweets on their main page as it is purely used for running advertisements. They are able to attract instant recognition with the ‘@Apple’ handle.

The business understands that Twitter is led by ‘news’ and it is a place where tech news is always a huge topic. Identifying that many customers will be looking for Apple news on the platform, they are able to control the narrative through paid advertising.

Short, sharp messaging with media that stops the scroll is Apple’s winning formula for Twitter.

Apple also has multiple pages that focus on the different elements of their business. For example:

@applesupport page for answering customer questions. This strategy is great to build a stronger bond with consumers from across the world by making them feel like they can ask questions at any time of the day and receive a rapid response. Apple Music, Apple TV, Apple podcasts all focus on tweeting about the specific products they offer. This makes it easier for consumers to navigate, follow and engage with their favourite Apple products.

Brand Awareness

Unlike Apple, Starbucks makes use of their timeline and showcases what they do for their employees, partners and consumers. Really letting followers buy into the brand and its values.

For example, they sponsored 700+ employees by paying 100% tuition to study at Arizona University. This shows their consumers that they are a caring brand and one that is worth supporting.

Starbucks tends to also post funny relatable content which garners high engagement from their followers. The Starbucks strategy is more down to earth, relatable and makes their consumer a part of their conversation.

Aside from the Starbucks account they also run pages dedicated to different countries such as Starbucks UK, India, Canada etc. Each focusing on content specific to that country.

Customer Service

Twitter is an infamous platform where consumers do not hold back to make their thoughts known. Whether it is bad service, a damaged product or something more serious, brands have to now be alert to get ahead of these issues.

A great example is the video of an Amazon delivery driver who was recorded chucking boxes into the back of his van. Of course, users were livid and wanted Amazon to step in. Through the brand’s @amazonhelp account, they have learnt to be proactive and quick to reply to disgruntled customers with a solution.

This type of strategy is a great way to show consumers that you are aware of what happens to them and that they can openly reach out to your brand with their concerns.

Although Amazon may have its issues, the fact that customers can openly talk to the brand’s staff and engage in conversation helps make it look favourable and trustworthy.

We’ve looked at a lot of examples of how brands have used Twitter to increase engagement. Just to sum these up, they use Twitter for:

  • Running multiple specialized accounts
  • Driving discussion, interaction and conversation
  • Participating in trending topics
  • Allowing consumers to have a space for Q&A


We have just taken a quick glimpse at some brands that are really acing it on Twitter. Others such as Aldi and ASOS also use the platform well to boost their brand. The strategies in place can be translated to SMEs as well and have somehow found great success on the platform.

Twitter is not industry-specific and can easily be incorporated into your marketing strategy. Whether you are looking to build awareness or have a safe space for your consumer to reach you, Twitter is a great platform for this.

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