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Let us introduce you to ANiiC!

ANiiC is an independent, British fashion label on a mission to make made-to-order work for everyone. They also use sustainable fabrics wherever possible, to reduce their carbon footprint and to create minimal waste. They came to us with a mission that needed the help of digital marketing to spread the message.

We had the privilege of working with three amazing and forward-thinking people, Anna, Nicola & Chris who have the vision to make made-to-order cool. The most crucial part of the process was to create a user experience that new customers could build a relationship with, all whilst keeping an eclectic and sophisticated feel.

The first steps of the project was to create the minimalistic website with optimum effectiveness. The website required many dynamic elements such as timers, interactive pages allowing users to vote for their favourite pieces and a section to display their influencer network of ANiiC people. All of which was accompanied by the ability to continuously engage with the ANiiC universe. Moreover, as the shop opens and closes every 7 days, we created an easy flow to continuously upload products and update the availability of pieces.

Alongside the website creation, we started working on boosting their social media profile leading up to and following launch. Social media is used as an extension of the community that ANiIC is building. Therefore, we applied multiple strategies to generate an audience of like minded individuals. This strategy was a combination of posts, reels, stories and community engagement.  The organic social media strategy is supplemented with a paid social media strategy that looks to optimise conversions using a range of catalogue ads and brand awareness campaigns.

Finally, all of these efforts to create a primary network are topped with efficient email campaigns that generate a long term relationship with the ANiiC customers. The email campaigns are essential for this business as they have continuous product launches, a unique business model and a message to deliver regarding sustainability within the fashion industry.

We created a website, social media presence and email marketing campaigns that are compatible with the drops they have and one that gives the customer a fun and eclectic feel that mirrored the brand’s vibe.Through our email and paid efforts, we have been able to help establish ANIiC, drive meaningful traffic to their website and build a community of like-minded individuals on their social media.

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