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They exist to bring brands and retailers closer to their customers by offering a more informed and engaging shopper experience, driven by data and enriched by innovative technologies.

On a mission to turn browsers into buyers, our culture is driven by the value we provide: we combine years of experience with our hunger for constant innovation within the e-commerce space.

Flixmedia is trusted by the world’s biggest brands to boost conversion rates, and offer engaging and immersive experiences across our retailers’ websites. 

From in-line rich media content to 3D and Augmented Reality, the Flixmedia team can really do it all. 

Every project begins with a discovery meeting. During this meeting, we learn about the clients and learn as much as we can about their hopes, mission and overall business vision, but importantly: their purpose. In this case, we first learnt everything about the Flixmedia offer to truly understand the benefits to a client. We then outlined key strategic objectives for the year ahead and set to plan our activations with the product team. The agreed objectives included:

  • Driving new leads to the website
  • Establishing as a thought leader
  • Developing brand awareness

To achieve these objectives, we utilised several levers at our disposal including organic and paid social (Linkedin), paid search, email marketing and content creation (+ SEO). We understood that comprehensive, 360 strategies would play best for Flix and we have since seen a visible improvement in our KPIs.

We’ve been fortunate enough to work with the Flixmedia team for just under 12 months across their core marketing strategy including paid search, paid media, social media management, content creation and much more! 

We first helped launched their incredible new website: https://flixmedia.com/ and helped to bring the new branding to life!

Since then, we have helped oversee a healthy 50% increase in web traffic, a 23% increase in Linkedin followers and we continue to surpass Linkedin impression targets both organic and paid. 

We have truly become Flixmedia’s outsourced marketing team and continue to lead on strategy and planning for the year ahead. We are so excited to see what’s to come next!

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