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Green Tomato


Branding, Web Development

Green Tomato is the UK’s first Carbon-Neutral Mobile greengrocer. They deliver colourful, fresh, green produce from local farmers. Encouraging customers to reuse containers, baskets and shopping bags at their fleet to reduce single-use plastic and carbon footprint by reducing trips to the supermarket. Green Tomato developed during the lockdown and inherently adapted to the new normal, easing the adjustment for locals in Leicester. When they reached out to us to assist with the launch, we were excited to help write history for Leicester.

Every project begins with a discovery meeting. During this meeting, we learn about the clients and learn as much as we can about their hopes, missions and overall business vision, but importantly: their purpose. The Green Tomato team spoke from a place of relevance and care for the environment. The need for the business came from a problem that needed to be solved. Being able to relate to the new macro environemnt and the changing needs, we were able to understand how Green Tomato needed a launch strategy that showed exactly how that problem is solved.

Our design team got started on curating the most perfect logo, leaflets, website and overall brand DNA. Ultimately we created brand guidelines that reflected Green Tomato’s vision and mission, ensuring consistency was evident on digital and physical mediums along with Green Tomatos environmentally friendly purpose.

Following the incredibly successful launch of Green Tomato, the locals wanted more. They were so pleased with the service and image of Green Tomato, we created a pre-order service ensuring those part of the Green Tomato club never miss out on the produce of their choice. Overall, the Green Tomato have been incredibly happy with the result and continue to make their weekly rounds around the neighbourhood with their distinctive bell.

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