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From 3D models to Augmented Reality experiences and even 3D rendered photographs, Scapic’s work with leading e-commerce brands and retailers has helped to push the technology in e-commerce further than ever before.

Every one of our projects begins with a discovery meeting. During this meeting, we learn about the clients and learn as much as we can about their hopes, mission and overall business vision, but importantly: their purpose. In this case, the Scapic team were clear in their objective to drive leads and build brand awareness through paid search. Our discovery phase included understanding their existing campaigns and using our experience to spot efficiencies, whilst also building new campaigns to drive traffic and leads to the website. 

Our keyword research process set up our search campaigns for success, highlighting the most effective and best performing for the industry. We created global campaigns, optimising per region and language to make effective use of our budget and saw a steady stream of high-quality leads through our marketing and sales funnel. 

The campaigns generated over 48,000 impressions with an average CPC of under 18p! Our constant testing, monitoring and optimisation helped make the most of our budget which is the key to success with paid search. 

Scapic has gone on to do incredible things and now with Flipkart, we can’t wait to see their evolution.

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