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Paid Media Advertising

Our Method

Every project and every client always starts with a discovery meeting where we essentially sit down with the client and learn as much as we can about their hopes, dreams, aspirations, business goals and at the core of it all: their purpose. From the off, it was clear that the VIP Bottles business model is a successful one but there were segments of customers not being retargeted nor were they reaching new audiences via paid advertising.

We decided to quickly implement a Facebook Pixel onto the website to help capture visitors and basket abandoners. With this data, we were able to retarget these potential customers with innovative and creative ads across Facebook and Instagram. This campaign, similar to the abandon basket email sequence we implemented, has seen an incredible return on investment and helped redirect potentially lost customers back to complete their orders and experience VIP Bottles.

In addition to this, we were able to create an audience of page viewers who were also retargeted on social media with delivery offers to help seal the deal. This was a much larger audience and traffic improved tremendously as well dwell time on the website.

The final campaign we implemented used the data from the Facebook Pixel to create lookalike audiences and target cold customers with messaging that introduces VIP Bottles’ range of unique products. This campaign has been scaled to a high budget over a few months and continuously drives new sales and traffic from customers who would have never heard of the brand without seeing an advert.

Our Results

We are incredibly proud of the results we were able to achieve with VIP Bottles’ paid media strategy which included a return on ad spend of over 19x and over 600k impressions too.

If you would like to discuss further how paid media can benefit your business and achieve a strong return on investment then get in touch today!

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