Adhar Project
Mental Health Charity

Web Development

The Challenge

In the heart of Leicester, Adhar Project extends a compassionate hand to those navigating the complexities of mental health. Yet, despite their unwavering commitment, their online presence struggled to reflect their invaluable work. Hindered by outdated technology and a lack of technical expertise, Adhar Project faced a daunting challenge in revitalising their digital footprint.

For years, Adhar Project's website remained frozen in time, unable to keep pace with the rapidly evolving digital landscape. The absence of technical proficiency meant that they were unable to enhance or even maintain their online platform. Issues such as sluggish performance, unresponsiveness, and limited space for project and blog discussions underscored the urgent need for a comprehensive digital overhaul.

The Approach

At the heart of our strategy was a dedication to completely revamping Adhar Project's online presence. Utilising the capabilities of Webflow, we embarked on building a fresh website aimed at captivating audiences and standing the test of time. Our team meticulously crafted an engaging and interactive interface, seamlessly integrating graphic elements and intuitive navigation pathways to elevate user experience.

In line with Adhar's vision for the new website as a digital representation of their brand, we ensured every design element and content piece resonated with their identity and mission. Focused on delivering helpful resources for clients, we implemented user-friendly features and accessible content pathways. Additionally, we strategically integrated compelling storytelling to showcase Adhar Project's accomplishments and ongoing initiatives to potential funders.

Beyond delivering a visually stunning website, we prioritised knowledge transfer through comprehensive staff training sessions. By equipping Adhar Project with the necessary skills and insights, we empowered them to fully manage and own their website going forward.

The Result

The impact of our collaboration with Adhar Project was nothing short of extraordinary. With a revitalised online presence, Adhar Project experienced a significant uptick in website traffic and user engagement. Visitors now enjoy seamless navigation and lightning-fast load times, fostering a more immersive and rewarding digital experience. Moreover, the newfound ability to showcase projects and share insights through blogs has elevated Adhar Project's visibility and credibility within the mental health community and beyond.

Importantly, the Adhar team now feels knowledgeable and confident in their ability to own their website and make changes as they need to. Through our comprehensive staff training sessions, we've empowered them to take full control of their digital platform, ensuring they have the skills and insights necessary for ongoing success. While we remain on-hand as an expert resource, we're excited to see Adhar Project embrace their newfound autonomy and look forward to reading about their continued impact in the community.

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