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How To Use This Guide

What We Cover In The Guide

Branding & Messaging

Nailing your position and message

Marketing & Fundraising

How promotion can help you boost income

Social Media Marketing

Connecting with your audience

Public Relations

Creating stories that matter

Data Management

Staying safe with GDPR

Email Marketing

Building a community that cares

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Don't Just Take Our Word For It

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Jetpack Marketing has helped our team understand the power of marketing for our charity. By following Jetpack's guide, we have been able to improve our website content and have better knowledge about how we can improve our funding opportunities through documenting our work.

Sonal Patel
Adhar Project

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We've come away with some really doable short-term and long-term actions that will help us achieve our goals we set as our Marketing strategy for 2024/5

Libby Mills
St Michael's Fellowship

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This guide has helped to make the complex easy and we know have a much clearer focus on what our marketing and communications strategy needs to be doing on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Operation Black Vote

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We've been able to take an inexperienced and not IT savvy team and turn it into one that understands the mechanics of marketing and how beneficial it can be for our Museum. It's been a really helpful tool.

Dr Susan Clayton
Flintham Museum

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We lacked a strategy for our social media marketing. With Jetpack Marketing's help and jargon-busting approach we were able to understand how we can take our marketing forward and make an impact.

Kiran Kala
Emerald Centre
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