February 28, 2024
Mission: Possible - Elevating Your Marketing in 2024

When navigating the ever-evolving world of digital marketing, detailed planning is the closest way of guaranteeing success.

In 2024, charities will find themselves at a crucial juncture amongst the exciting digital landscape. Nothing could be more important than refining digital strategies & setting clear and ambitious goals for the year ahead.

Getting marketing right this year and seeing the impact if very much achievable. To maximise effectiveness, make sure you’ve considered these topics.

Elevate Storytelling to Evoke Empathy

In today's world of information overload, telling good stories is more important than ever.

Stories have a special way of reaching people on a deep emotional level, beyond just throwing numbers at them. This year, we recommend spending time creating and sharing stories that really grab people. Whether it's through well-written blog posts, visually appealing videos, or heartfelt social media campaigns, these stories should be like beacons, shining a light on what your organisation is all about. The goal isn't just to get a message across, but to make lasting and meaningful connections.

Take a look at Mind’s blog for insights into crafting powerful stories

Prioritise Mobile Accessibility

86% of people used their mobile to go online last year and almost every single person between 18-24 owns a smartphone. Those statistics should be enough to convince you that you must prioritise mobile accessibility.

Beyond the responsive design of websites, the user experience across various devices demands careful consideration. In 2024, the goal is not merely to have a mobile-friendly website but to ensure a seamless and intuitive experience for users navigating your digital landscape. The ease with which supporters can engage with your content on mobile devices is not just a matter of convenience; it's a critical factor in maintaining relevance and accessibility.

Think vertical videos, QR codes, easy to read guides and much more.

Citizens Advice has nailed their mobile-first TikTok strategy. Take a look at their work here.

Strengthen Social Media Engagement with Purpose

This must be the year we stop looking at social media platforms as a one-way broadcast tool.

Platforms such as TikTok and Instagram have developed and evolved to become community-led two-way communication tools that allow you to build relationship with supporters. We encourage you to engage with them in this manner to get the most out of it.

Focus on developing a comprehensive social media strategy that goes beyond superficial metrics. Meaningful visuals, authentic user-generated content, and timely updates on organisational initiatives should be woven into a tapestry that reflects the essence of your mission. Social media becomes not just a megaphone but a town square where your community gathers for meaningful conversations.

The British Red Cross have an incredible TikTok community they have been building.

Implement Data-Driven Decision-Making

For success in your marketing endeavours, you must follow the numbers. Making decisions driven by the data you have will almost always leave you sitting on a positive ROI.

We recommend Investing in robust analytics tools as astrategic imperative. The goal should be to elevate data-driven decision-making from a supplementary aspect to the core of your digital strategy. Uncover patterns in user behavior, track key performance indicators, and use this wealth of information to refine and optimise your approach. The digital realm is a vast ocean of data; navigate it with precision to steer your organization toward success.

Foster Collaborations for Greater Impact

We have made it our mission in 2024 to collaborate and co-create as much as we can. It has incredible benefits but mst importantly strategic collaborations can amplify your impact and lessen the strain on resources.

Forge partnerships with other charities, collaborate with local businesses, and engage with influencers who align with your mission. The synergy created through collaborative efforts extends your reach, brings diverse perspectives to the table, and contributes to a more significant positive change. We would recommend putting collaboration at the core of your marketing strategy.

As the curtains rise on 2024, these digital marketing goals provide a roadmap for charities to navigate the tricky digital landscape. By approaching digital strategies with solid planning and a serious mindset, you can not only elevate your online presence but also effectively advocate for your cause.

If you’re looking for support with your marketing strategy for 2024, book a free strategy call with us here.

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