January 11, 2024
Jetpack Marketing's 2024 Guide To Sustainable Digital Marketing

Former Nasa scientist James Hansen said that “[the] world will look back at 2023 as year humanity exposed its inability to tackle climate crisis.”

There is no doubt that the focus on sustainable practices by all will intensify in 2024. Uniquely, charitable organisations find themselves at the intersection of social responsibility and digital advancement. Whilst budgets may continue to be stretched and challenged, incorporating eco-friendly practices will not be a choice, but a commitment. 

It is never easy to get started, and we wouldn’t hold it against you if these actions were quite far down your list of priorities. 

We want to help you make strides towards sustainability, so we've developed a simple guide for enhancing your green credentials in 2024.

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1. Green Hosting and Carbon Offsetting

Kickstart your sustainable digital journey by opting for green web hosting services. These providers use renewable energy sources to power servers, reducing the carbon footprint of your organisation's online presence. Providers like Kualo are great for this!

Additionally, consider partnering with carbon offsetting initiatives to neutralise the environmental impact of your digital activities. You can learn more about specific initiatives here.

2. Paperless Advocacy

In the era of digital transformation, there's no need for excessive paper use. Shift as much of your advocacy materials, newsletters, and reports that you can to digital formats. Not only does this save resources, but it also enables easier and broader distribution, reaching a larger audience without contributing to deforestation.

3. Email Marketing Efficiency

Streamline your email marketing strategy to be both impactful and eco-friendly. Optimise email campaigns for efficiency by minimising large attachments and using compressed images. Consider adopting a cleaner, minimalist design that not only loads faster but also reduces the energy consumption associated with email servers.

4. Upcycled and Sustainable Merchandise

If you use merchandise for fundraising, prioritise sustainability. Choose eco-friendly materials for branded items, and consider offering upcycled or recycled products. This will help to show you can walk the walk but also create a lasting impact on the planet. Plus, it’s a great message to communicate to service users, funders and donors.

5. Energy-Efficient Website Design

Consider redesigning your website to help prioritise energy-efficient design principles. Opt for clean coding, compressed images, and efficient hosting to reduce the energy required to load and maintain your site. A faster, more energy-efficient website also improves user experience, benefiting both your audience and the environment. Win-Win!

6. Educate and Advocate

Use your digital platforms to educate your audience about sustainable practices and advocate for environmental causes. Leverage your organisation's influence to inspire positive change, both within your community and beyond. You can also encourage your supporters to adopt sustainable habits in their daily lives too.

Leaving a lasting impact on the planet is not about gimmicks and fads, it’s all about real action you can take regularly to help fight climate change. It is also a powerful way to align your organisation with values that resonate with a large portion of the population, especially young people. 

By adopting eco-friendly practices, you can help lead the way in demonstrating that meaningful impact and environmental responsibility go hand in hand in 2024!

If you would like to discuss more about how you can implement these suggestions, be sure to get in touch with us today.

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