Flintham Museum

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The Challenge

Nestled in the heart of a quaint village, Flintham Museum stands as a testament to rural life, offering visitors a glimpse into the past through the lens of a village shopkeeper. However, despite its unique charm and rich history, the museum faced significant challenges in maintaining an effective online presence and garnering the attention it deserved.

Flintham Museum grappled with outdated processes and a lack of internal expertise, hindering its ability to update and promote its website effectively. The absence of social media savvy board members further compounded the issue, limiting the museum's ability to reach wider audiences and generate interest in its offerings. As a result, the museum struggled with little promotion and exposure, preventing it from maximising its impact within the community and beyond.

The Approach

We understood the importance of empowering Flintham Museum's team with the necessary skills and tools and so we conducted two personalised workshops for the museum's board. These workshops were carefully designed to upskill the team and provide them with the knowledge and resources needed to initiate a digital transformation for their website and social media presence.

During the workshops, we delved into social media best practices, equipping board members with insights on content ideation, scheduling tools, and effective copywriting techniques. By focusing on these key areas, we aimed to bolster the museum's social media presence and enhance their ability to engage with their audience effectively.

In addition to social media training, we guided the board through UX/UI concepts and website content strategies. Exploring SquareSpace's robust features, we highlighted the platform's capabilities and discussed potential enhancements to the museum's website.

By providing comprehensive training on both social media and website development, our goal was to empower Flintham Museum's team to take ownership of their digital initiatives and drive meaningful engagement with their community and beyond.

The Result

Following the two workshops, the Flintham Museum board members experienced a significant boost in confidence regarding their ability to navigate social media and website management. Armed with newfound knowledge and skills, they were well-equipped to tackle the digital realm with renewed vigor and enthusiasm.

Together, we developed a comprehensive action plan that outlined specific roles and responsibilities for each board member, ensuring full coverage and accountability in implementing the strategies discussed. By assigning tasks and establishing clear objectives, the board members were poised to take proactive steps towards enhancing the museum's online presence.

With the board members now actively engaged and committed to their digital initiatives, Flintham Museum is poised to showcase its rich heritage and offerings to a wider audience online. We eagerly anticipate seeing the museum's captivating content and invite everyone to experience the charm and history of Flintham Museum firsthand.

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