January 19, 2023
How To Plan Your 2023 Marketing Strategy- E-commerce Edition

It’s 2023 and everything is expensive. Everything is going up, from the price of milk to the price of petrol. Things are getting hard out here, but when it comes to your e-commerce business that doesn’t mean it has to suffer too. 

For marketing in 2023, it is all about understanding and anticipating the needs of your customers.  

That means, being thoughtful about your customers, making sure your messaging is top-tier and creating content that engages. 

Think about your customers

This is the year of anticipation and what better way to anticipate the needs of your

customers than to get to know them better! 

In 2023, your marketing strategy should include research about who your customer is.

The best way to do that is to create detailed customer personas. If you want more detailed help with creating personas you should check out our latest post.

Next, you should be thinking about the end-user. How will your product or service help solve a problem for them? Understanding the context of what you offer will help you deliver better value all year round.

Once you have this understanding, you’re ready to start strategising and finding the right channels and messages that will keep your customers coming back.

Find the right message & channel

The next thing you should be thinking about is your messaging and marketing channels. 

It is very rare for your brand to be needing every single marketing channel, after all you wouldn’t say the same thing to a 24-year-old as you would a 59-year-old. 

Every platform isn’t for every message. You will know which platforms to use by having an understanding of where your target audience likes to hang out. It could be Twitter, Youtube, Snapchat or even (dare we say) direct mail!

You need to be strategic in your messaging. Drip feeding information and value as customers work their way through the buying cycle.

So, remember to think about your customers and who they are and then create messaging that resonates with them.

Create content that engages

Lastly in 2023, you need to make content that engages your audience. 

Gone are the days when you could make a pretty ad and attract customers

Customers now want to be seen by the brands they buy from. 

They want to make sure their values are aligned with the brand and that the business cares about them.

Engaging content always comes down to the value you are able to provide your audience. It could be informative, entertaining or even emotive.

Giving value can involve educating your customer on how to use the product or by

explaining how the product was developed.

You can also give value by showing customers what their problem is and how your

product can solve it! This will help build trust and loyalty.

Make them feel heard and remember that marketing is a long-haul game, so tweak your

messaging as you go to what you believe will resonate better.

If while reading this post you felt a little overwhelmed with the work that needs to be

done, then take a deep breath. 

2023 is going to be the year you flourish and the amazing part about marketing is that you don’t have to do it by yourself.

If you need help creating your marketing strategy then get in touch with one of our


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