November 22, 2022
5 Tools B2B Marketers Must Know About

Every bad workman blames their tools right? Well, what if you didn't have to worry about them anymore? You'd be a great workman!

In our line of work, utilising best-in-class tools to get the fast-paced jobs done is almost essential for efficiency but finding the right tools sometimes takes forever!

Lucky for you, the legwork and put together the MUST HAVE marketing tools so you can go be the bad-ass B2B Marketer you are. You can thank us later (wink emoji)

The tools we will discuss range from note-taking software to scheduling software and also video recording software. These tools will do the smaller admin tasks for you, giving you more time to spend on longer more elaborate tasks.

(All prices listed are per month paid annually. All dollar amounts that have been converted have been calculated at time of writing.)

Scroll down to discover the 5 tools that you MUST have 👇

Tool 1: Hubspot

Hubspot is an extremely helpful CRM tool that puts everything you need to create a first-class customer experience together. The tool makes sure that you can deliver this experience with ease instead of having to go back and forth between multiple platforms.

The tool places sales, marketing, CRM and customer service tools into one site. This supports you in doing work for clients and presenting yourself well. 

Using Hubspot helps sell your product and drive revenue. It can also help you acquire more clients and maintain them.

The platform has three tiers when it comes to pricing: 

  • Starter - £38 a month
  • Professional - £655 a month
  • Enterprise - £2624 a month

You can visit their website here:

Tool 2: Later

Next up, we have Later. Later is a social marketing platform for the most popular social networks. 

It plans, analyses and schedules content for social media. In addition, it puts all of your social media accounts into one place and even suggests hashtags to put on your posts.

Imagine a world where you can automatically post your great content anywhere. You don't have to imagine anymore with Later. The platform allows you to schedule posts in advance. You can view analytics and see a calendar full of scheduled posts so you know the posts you and your team have made.

Later has 5 tiers to it’s pricing: 

  • Starter - £12.23 a month
  • Growth - £27.18 a month
  • Advanced - £54.37 a month

You can visit their website here:

Tool 3: Loom

In at number 3, we have Loom. Loom is a video messaging tool that enables you to record videos with added features such as screen sharing.

With these videos, you can share them instantly with your team to collaborate with them. You can get your message across in a short video rather than sending a long, time-taking email or highlighting every bit of improvement in a slideshow.

Loom can also be used for longer videos with other features such as background noise suppression and instant editing. We love to use Loom in our sales and onboarding process, not everything has to be a meeting Kevin!

Loom can be purchased through 3 tiers:

  • Starter - Free
  • Business - £6.52 a month
  • Enterprise - POA

You can visit their website here:

Tool 4: ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is software for customer experience automation. It puts transactional email, email marketing, marketing automation, sales automation, and CRM tools together.

The platform aids businesses with management, email marketing and customer support.You can create newsletters and automated emails that match the description of what your client wants, or keep track of contacts.

These features can also be used to send regular newsletters to clients. This can make your clients more connected with your business and you can create a long-lasting relationship with them.

ActiveCampaign has 3 tiers - all prices are based on 1,000 contacts:

  • Lite - £23.65 a month
  • Plus - £39.96 a month
  • Professional - £121.52 a month
  • Enterprise - POA

You can visit their website here:

Tool 5: Notion

And finally, we have everybody's favourite white space, Notion. Notion is a platform where you can think, plan and write. You can express thoughts with your team and give feedback to one another.

The tool supports you in managing projects, capturing ideas and you can even create social media trackers. Instead of thinking of an idea and putting it in your notes or writing it on a piece of paper that will never be seen again, with notion, you can keep track of your ideas in one place.

Notion makes work less chaotic as it is simple and great for organisation. It’s easy to share, invite and collaborate and also has good functionality.

Notion has 4 tiers: 

  • Personal - Free
  • Personal Pro - £3.26 a month
  • Team - £6.52 per user per month
  • Enterprise - POA

You can visit their website here:

There we have it, some essential tools for your B2B Marketing Kit. All dedicated to making your life simpler and easier, so you can unleash that creativity

These 5 tools are a must have because of how easy they can make your life. All of these tools can save time and give you less hassle allowing you to spend less time on the boring admin tasks

Yes, these tools are extremely useful but there are many others out there that can have the same effects on your business.

If you’re looking to make the most out of these tools, book a call with our specialists and kickstart your growth today 🙌

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