February 7, 2023
7 Great Examples of Killer Email Marketing Campaigns

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1. Warby Parker

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What: This is an abandoned cart email from Warby Parker. Its goal is to re-engage a customer that was in the process of purchase but left the item in their online cart. In the email, the product and product description are displayed. Accompanied by positive customer reviews and a subheading.

Why: Warby Parker’s email marketing success is geared by their light-hearted and creative tone, which is seen in the subheading. Urging the customers to check the site again in order to find a better-suited product. They often utilise eye-catching visuals and promotional content to garner more attention.

2. Airbnb

What: The function of this email is to encourage re-engagement based on the user’s browsing history within the app/site. Providing the customer with accommodation listings and their respective reviews. 

Why: This email is effective because the images help the viewer picture their holiday stay, it gives them options they might not have previously seen & encourages them to re-engage with the site. The key things to remember here are personalized recommendations and travel inspiration.

3. Glossier 

What: This email from glossier contains promotional content for 3 of their products. Using headings to seek an emotional response from their demographic. With the tone & content of the subheadings so conversational, it seems like they could’ve been written by a friend. One thing that can be taken from Glossier email campaigns is its clean, minimalist design and use of product photography to highlight their products.

Why: This email performs well because it addresses the various pain points of their demographic, dives deeper into each situation, and provides a solution. This helps nurture their trust with their customers by providing unique value.

4. Peloton 

What: This email from Peloton promotes a holiday discount for Father’s Day, with an image of one of their bikes. Under the heading, they reveal a bonus that comes along with the purchase. 

Why: What makes this good is the body of the text adds scarcity to the opportunity. Informing viewers, it’s their last chance to capitalize on the discount. Also, an added incentive is placed on the offer, with every purchase coming with a free heart rate monitor. Although not displayed in this email. Something noteworthy is Peloton’s inclusion of inspiring success stories from its customers, promoting a sense of community and motivation.

5. Harry’s 

What: This email from Harry’s doesn’t only contain promotional content for a product, it also encourages re-engagement & interaction for the viewer. The men's grooming brand's emails are known for their distinctive tone, mixing humour and informative content to educate subscribers about its products.

Why: Value is provided in this email through the two statements underneath the proposed question. Which expresses why their product is important and poses a solution to their needs. Which is followed by a convincing call to action.

6. Casper 

What: Casper is known for their infographic-like emails, promoting good sleep hygiene, and offering tips and advice to help subscribers get a better night's rest. Using sleep statistics to put further emphasis on their products. This short graphic email acts as a segway to re-engage a subscriber to their site. 

Why: This helps because offering unique value like Casper helps build a relationship with clients and establish authenticity. The statistics brought forward in the email are easy to read and get stuck into. While the title is clever & witty, corresponsive to the brand’s tone. 

7. Brooklinen 

What: While on the topic of sleep, here is an abandoned-cart email from Brooklinen.

Usually, their emails contain, high-quality product photography and use lifestyle images to showcase the brand's aesthetic.

Why: The copy utilized in this email is yet again witty & playful. However, to add further incentive they warn the customer of the item potentially going out of stock. Then inform the subscriber of the many ways to complete the purchase, in order to make it as frictionless as possible.


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