November 22, 2022
How B2B Brand Can Succeed In Q4

Can you believe we’re already into the final quarter of 2022? It felt like just yesterday when Senegal won the African Cup of Nations and Beijing held the Winter Olympics!

Well, now we’re here, we better get on with smashing those end-of-year targets right? 

It is no surprise that for B2C brands, Q4 is humungous. Between Black Friday and Christmas, most brands make up to 50% of the year’s revenue in this three-month stint. 

But they shouldn’t get all the fun, right?

Whilst traditional B2B budget cycles do not typically favour selling in Q4, there is still an opportunity for brands like yours to cash in before the year is over. 

Scroll down to read some of our tips on how to succeed this Q4.

Start Publishing Testimonials

A classic move, but one that can get forgotten amongst the shiny new marketing tools we tend to get excited about each year.

Now that you are 9 months through the year, you should have plenty of recent work under your belt. Speak to these clients and customers for feedback and turn them into killer testimonials. 

Adding social proof and legitimacy to your marketing really helps as a bottom-of-funnel tactic and could turn those ‘umming’ and ‘aahing’ into clients!

Plus, who doesn’t love sharing kind words about them? 

Turn to Linkedin Ads for lead generation

Whilst the likes of Facebook and TikTok will be inundated with advertisers trying to gain a competitive advantage on their respective platforms, Linkedin will be less competitive in Q4. 

As many B2B brands look to regroup and reevaluate their campaigns from the first three quarters of the year, you’ll be able to jump in ahead of them at low CPCs and CPAs. 

From our experience, advertising on Linkedin in Q4 can be a real coup and help you acquire and nurture leads cheaper than usual and cut through all the holiday noise.

You even have the opportunity to lean into some of the B2C campaigns like Black Friday and offer hooks to make the sale just that little bit easier. 

The key to success with Linkedin ads? Building themed landing pages to give the perfect customer experience. Don’t be afraid to get a little creative!

Get into the holiday spirit

Whilst we might refer to businesses as B2C or B2B, in reality, we are people selling to people, right? 

What makes people generally feel cheery? The festivities that Q4 brings! Whether it is Hannukah, Christmas or Thanksgiving acknowledge them and be human about it.

You could build these holidays into your marketing, make some snow fall down on your landing page or even have a code as simple as ‘XMAS22’. 

This will undoubtedly add some personality to your marketing and you will be remembered for it!

Ask for referrals

You’ve been in the game for some time, we’re sure you have a list of great clients who really like the work you’re doing. 

These clients are usually an untapped resource when it comes to referrals and word-of-mouth marketing. Most clients don’t usually go around and tell others how great you are. But if they are prompted or incentivised, it’s a sure bet they will. 

A good strategy to get referrals is to scour Linkedin for potential leads and find those that have existing connections with your clients. It is likely that inter-industry networks are quite strong. 

Ask your client to give you an introduction to the potential leads and already you’re in! An introduction can cut weeks off client nurturing and will at least lead to a good conversation. 

This also helps to shorten the sales process and with just over 2.5 months to go until 2023, any way to speed up the process is a win!

So, all in all, there is an opportunity out there for B2B brands to succeed in Q4. This is not the time to slow down or give up. Instead, you’ll find a competitive advantage by selling through the festivities. 

Be strategic with your marketing approach, low effort-high impact tactics will get you to those targets and beyond this year. 

Find your own spin on these common marketing tactics and don’t forget to add a human touch by getting into the holiday spirit. 

As always, if you’d like to speak to our experts about supercharging your marketing strategy, get in touch with us today!

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