January 18, 2023
Jetpack Marketing's Top 5 Email Trends For 2023

With so many people glued to their phone screens as they scroll through social media channels and ogle over the latest TV series, is email marketing still worth the effort? 

In short, yes! 100 per cent. 

Email marketing is still just as prevalent now, and we predict it will provide you with a massive ROI in 2023 if executed properly. 

If you’re not quite sold on email marketing just yet, let us tell you why you should be. 

Email marketing is a super low-cost method of building a rapport with your target market, at every stage of the buying cycle. 

Whether you want to nurture a new lead or push a potential customer over the line, email marketing will do it for you at the fraction of the cost of many other channels.

Got you interested haven't we? 

Trend 1 - Hyper-personalisation

We cannot stress the importance of this enough. 

Sending a mass-produced email makes the reader feel like an afterthought. 

You can’t really expect them to open and click your emails, can you? 

So, is it enough to just stick your client’s name at the top of the email and be done with it? 

Unfortunately not. 

Email readers want a hyper-personalised experience where they feel as though you are talking directly to them. 

The best way to do this is to use the data you have on your customers and mould your campaigns to them. 

For example, if you know a customer always buys a new t-shirt every 4 weeks make sure you’re sending them emails about your ‘New In’ section by week 3.


Trend  2 - Double down on automations

We always advise our clients that they should be aiming for 60% of email revenue to come from their automated flows.

This is because email automation allows you and your team to use your time on a multitude of other tasks. 

Time is money, and if you are spending too long on one task, other areas are bound to suffer. 

Email automation utilises data and assists in sending out emails at peak times, and targets clients based on previous engagements, sales trends, behavioural trends, and demographic data. These in turn generate more leads and sales for you.

By setting up customer journeys with intuitive touchpoints, your customers will feel looked after and well-nurtured without you having to type up emails every week. 

Work smarter, not harder folks!

Trend 3 -  Collect 1st-party data

We expect the collection of 1st-party data (data you collect and own) to increase throughout 2023 and we recommend collecting data ASAP. 

With companies like Apple introducing new regulations this year to protect their users and their information, 2nd and 3rd party data collection will decrease. 

Collecting as much data as possible (this includes, but is not limited to: hobbies, shopping habits, and age range) from your customers will allow you to shape an email marketing strategy with a higher success rate, rather than just taking a stab in the dark. 

Trend 4 -  Always think mobile-first

Research has shown that a huge 60-70% of people open emails on their mobile devices. 

With that in mind, it is important to ensure your emails are mobile-friendly (and this goes for your website pages, too!). 

If the email is designed to only be opened on a computer, you run the risk of important chunks of the email not being shown when opened on a phone or mobile device. 

If this happens, all the hard work you put in was for nothing.

When designing your own emails, always ensure the email builder you are using has a responsive mode; this will ensure that the email views correctly on all devices.

Email marketing has an exciting journey ahead of itself in 2023 and you need to strap in for the ride. 

Trend 5 - Get to Know What Works With A/B Testing

Want to deliver email content that your subscribers want every time? If yes, then A/B testing is crucial. 

A/B testing divides the recipients and delivers your content in different ways. By doing so, you can gain data on your recipients and learn which kind of emails they are likely to open and follow through on. 

Some popular parts of the email to carry out A/B testing are subject lines, the content within the email, colour schemes, and the time the email is sent out. Something as small as the colour of your email could affect how a reader reacts to your message. Get creative and start testing!

We recommend incorporating A/B testing from now to get ahead of the game in 2023. 

Start building your strategy and planning for this year and allow A/B testing to assist you in producing the best-performing email content.

Where do I go from here? 

Email marketing will be effective for many moons to come, just how you target your audience may change over time. That’s why taking the above points and implementing them whilst continually carrying out your own market research is crucial. 

Start collecting data now. Don't sleep on this one - data is key. Use the data you collect to set up email automations as soon as possible. 

Set your email marketing foundations now and don’t be afraid to change your strategies as you see data and trends change. 

Our email marketing experts are on hand to help curate killer email marketing strategies for your business in 2023! Get in touch for more details.

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