November 22, 2022
Let's Talk About The Metaverse

Let's have a chat about the Metaverse and everything it has to offer.

What is a Metaverse

Now for those of you reading and unsure what a Metaverse is well let us help you! A Metaverse is a virtual-reality space in which users can interact with a computer-generated environment and other users. 

These virtual worlds have been around for years now but have only started really gaining traction since Meta (Facebook) announced the Metaverse.

Why is the Metaverse important?

There are many reasons as to why the Metaverse is important but to list them all would have you reading this blog for hours so we’ll throw out 3 of the big ones.

1 - Schools and Teaching

The way we learn in schools would change for the better. Think about when you were at school and you always had that one lesson that felt like it would never end. Now picture a lesson that could take place at the top of a building or in a castle floating in the sky, teachers would be given a whole new way of engaging with their students! The days of teachers struggling to get pupils excited for a lesson would be over.

2 -  Entertainment

The Metaverse will inspire new ways of entertainment for example YouTubers such as Markiplier or PewDiePie who play VR games would be given a new platform to show their content.

3 - Working in the Metaverse

We could even be working in the Metaverse soon! Recently, Ben Francis and the Gymshark senior team recorded a podcast in the Metaverse to show what it is like first-hand. As companies recalibrate around employee expectations, virtual reality will be an important enabler. It may even help workers transition to hybrid working in this post-COVID world. Some of the benefits of this include remote employees enjoying some degree of engagement as their in-office colleagues.

What’s already happening in the Metaverse?

As of right now, games such as VRchat are a leading example of what a fraction of the potential the Metaverse has to offer. Entertainment in the Metaverse is already becoming commonplace, with many musical artists preferring to have their concerts in a gaming space such as Fortnite or Apex Legends, the reception and positivity online has been immense.

Is the Metaverse a good thing?

With all-new things, the thought of ‘’is it safe?’’ or ‘’can I trust it?’’ is always at the front of our minds and the answer to that is we don't know yet, we will have to wait and see what people do with the Metaverse. 

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