November 22, 2022
What If Social Media Platforms Were Music Festivals?

As we edge out of winter and begin to look towards a summer of freedom, it was only right that we take a hard look at our favourite social media platforms and match them with this year’s biggest music festivals around the world!

Facebook - Love Supreme

The old but very much still gold jewel in the music festival scene, Love Supreme brings the best of jazz, soul, R&B and more to Glynde Palace in the UK. Previous headliners have included George Benson, Jackson 5, Grace Jones, Earth, Wind & Fire plus lots more of your dad’s favourite singers. 

Sounds a bit like the line-up of constant videos being shared on your Facebook feed by unknown relatives and your uncle Pat, right? 

That’s why we have to give Facebook the perfect match of Love Supreme. Still extremely relevant (to the right people) and still sounds amazing but it is quite definite in the crowd it attracts.

TikTok - Wireless

Wireless festival is one of the bigger festivals in the UK, known now for bringing the world’s best hip-hop, rap and drill to London; it was actually once a rock and pop festival! Wireless, and its many sponsors (yes we remember you Yahoo!), have constantly evolved since its inception in 2005. 

Always on-trend, always at the forefront of the scene and definitely shaping culture, we couldn’t think of a better match to the social media platform of the now and foreseeable future, TikTok. 

The line-up for 2022 is yet to be announced but we wouldn’t be surprised to see some artists whose music has blown up on the app in the past 12 months to feature heavily across their stages!

Twitter - Glastonbury

A free for all for music lovers. Opinionated, culture-defining and always on. 

Twitter is a debater’s heaven, a troll’s playground and a brand’s do or die. We’ve witnessed discussions on Twitter ranging from world politics to the spelling of a made-up character’s name; it’s incredible. 

Glastonbury, much like its social media equivalent, is also full of the weird and wonderful. Here you will find the truest of grime fans standing side-by-side with the Oasis massive, singing along to Ed Sheeran. Right?! 

We couldn’t explain it either, but we love it.

Instagram - Coachella

Probably the world’s prettiest music festival, Coachella is all about being perfect for the ‘gram. Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival (a name ripe for Instagram’s arty users), is held in the Colorado desert or in other words, somewhere Kanye West would go to make a new album. 

You can expect the world’s biggest celebrities to descend on this three-day phenomena from film, tv and of course music! Instagrammable moments are plentiful at the festival and you will catch festivalgoers stopping for a photo shoot in between the likes of Frank Ocean, Harry Styles and Ariana Grande take to the stage. 

There’s something for everyone here, as long as it’s aesthetically pleasing.

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